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The Issues

  • Climate
    As the Vice-Ranking Member of the important Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment, Emilia knows that access to clean water, clean air, and a clean environment is a basic human right—and that we can fight for those rights while also creating good-paying jobs. In Congress, Emilia has supported environmentally friendly policies that support our economy, allow our national parks to thrive, and support native wildlife. By protecting our environment we can maintain a place where our children and families can live a healthy life, enjoy our local natural resources and promote tourism.
  • Democracy
    Every northeast Ohioan deserves to have their voices heard and votes counted. In Congress, Emilia is fighting to make it easier for our citizens to vote by supporting the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, the Freedom to Vote Act, the Democracy for All Amendment, and the We the People Amendment— and she will hold accountable anyone who attacks the right to a free and fair election, particularly those who advocate violently overthrowing the government, like the attack we saw on the Capitol on January 6th.
  • Education
    As a proud product of public schools in Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, Emilia is working to ensure every child in Northeast Ohio has access to a high-quality education with good teachers and a safe, welcoming environment where they can learn, ask questions, and grow their skills. In Congress, Emilia has co-sponsored the EDUCATORS for America Act and the American Teacher Act to provide students, educators, and schools with the resources they need to support a robust education. Emilia is running for re-election to continue her fight for our kids' education, and work to ensure that those who wish to continue their education after high school have affordable options that don’t leave them drowning in student loan debt while they’re building a life here in Ohio.
  • Fair Trade
    We must do everything we can to bring good-paying jobs to Northeast Ohio so folks can raise a family and build a life here. Bad trade deals have hurt our economy and our state and we need to invest in the future of our young people and our workers with increased job training and opportunities to grow. In Congress, Emilia has fought to safeguard workers, protect consumers, and promote fair competition. Now, she’s running for re-election to keep jobs from going overseas and continue fighting to bring them back where they belong: Ohio.
  • Healthcare
    The healthcare industry is one of the leading employers in Ohio's 13th congressional district. Working with our healthcare partners is key to reduce costs of care. All Northeast Ohioans deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare and prescription drugs that won’t break the bank. In Congress, Emilia is pushing to cap the cost of life-saving medications such as insulin, make sure there are affordable long-term care options for Ohioans, and continue her work on eliminating systemic biases that lead to health inequities. One of Emilia's first bills introduced in Congress, the Mental Health Improvement Act, passed the U.S. House and will expand important mental health resources for Ohioans in the 13th District.
  • Immigration
    Our immigration system is broken and we need a bipartisan, comprehensive solution that stops ignoring the problem. As the Congresswoman for the 13th District, Emilia visited the border in her first term to see the challenges firsthand and is fighting to ensure our borders are safe and secure, keeping out dangerous drugs and weapons, while also recognizing decency and humanity is required to those who seek the land of opportunity we call home. She is a champion for those who come here legally, pay taxes and play by the rules because they deserve the same rights and protections as everyone else. Additionally, Emilia was a strong advocate for the TRANQ Act that was signed into law to combat the spread of opioids and combat the opioid epidemic that has devastated individuals, families, and communities in Northeast Ohio.
  • Jobs & Lowering Costs
    Ohioans are working harder than ever and shouldn’t be struggling to pay for gas, groceries, housing, and other expenses because of rising costs. That’s why she sponsored the Raise the Wage Act to improve the standard of living for everyday Ohioans and to increase the federal minimum wage to keep up with inflation. Emilia is fighting to put more money in the pockets of Northeast Ohio families through her legislation, the Lower Your Taxes Act, to expand the Earned Income and Child Tax Credits. Emilia has been fighting to bring jobs back to Northeast Ohio and recently introduced the the Bring Jobs Home Act to deter companies from shipping American jobs overseas. During her time in Congress, Emilia has brought home innovative resources to the 13th congressional district. She secured federal funding for a tech hub and continues to fight for more job opportunities for her constituents. Emilia is a co-sponsor of the National Apprenticeship Act, which will invest more than $3.85 billion to increase access to apprenticeships opportunities.
  • Organized Labor
    Emilia has been working closely with the congressional Labor Caucus to deliver policies the provide better working conditions and keep American jobs from going overseas. She is a co-sponsor and fierce advocate of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2023, also known as the PRO Act, which will provide American workers the rights and dignity they deserve in the workplace.
  • Protecting Women’s Right to Healthcare
    Women should always have the right to make decisions about their healthcare and reproductive freedom. Whether it’s abortion, birth control, fertility treatment, or breast cancer screenings, the government has no place telling a woman what to do with her body. As a co-sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act and a member of the Pro-Choice Caucus, Emilia is fighting against any attempts to criminalize abortion and contraception or punish women and will stand up for victims of rape, incest, and domestic abuse.
  • Public Safety
    Everyone deserves to be safe, and feel safe in their communities. In Congress, Emilia worked with Democrats and Republicans to introduce a bill to improve hiring and retention resources for local law enforcement. Emilia is continuing her fight to ensure law enforcement has the resources they need to protect and serve the communities where they work while ensuring there is accountability and trust within the community through meaningful criminal justice reform efforts.
  • Seniors
    Too often our seniors are ignored or taken advantage of and we need to allow them to age with dignity in their own homes on their own terms. In Congress, Emilia is fighting to hold those who target seniors for fraud schemes accountable, allow Medicare to negotiate to lower the cost of prescription drugs and use those savings to expand Medicare benefits to cover vision, hearing, and dental services for seniors. She is a strong supporter of the Inflation Reduction Act, which capped the cost of insulin for Medicare recipients at $35 a month and is committed to lowering costs for all. Emilia co-sponsored the Social Security 2100 Act to protect and extend benefits for seniors, and to ensure the program has the resources it needs to last for years to come. While extremists in Congress have proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits, Emilia has been clear: she will always fight to protect and expand benefits, ensuring all can retire with safety and dignity.
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