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Meet Emilia Sykes

From her first day in Congress, Emilia has pledged to connect her community to Congress. She knows politics and Congress can be divisive, but she’s cut through the noise in D.C. to bring back critical federal resources and support to Ohio’s 13th Congressional District. In her first term in Congress, she secured over $100 million in federal dollars to the district and returned over $2 million directly to constituents. 

Her work has been applauded by many in the community including the editorial board of the Akron Beacon Journal who said of her first year in office, "An effective lawmaker finds ways to assist those they were elected to serve and to advocate for their community, even when gridlock makes it nearly impossible to get laws passed. Sykes has taken this approach with her to Washington … representing Ohio’s 13th Congressional District."


Rep. Sykes has focused her time as a Member of Congress as a champion for the people of Ohio’s 13th district by lowering costs, promoting good-paying jobs and growing our local economy, supporting organized labor,  keeping our communities safe, protecting a women’s right to reproductive choice, a clean environment, protecting social security and medicare, and ensuring access to quality affordable healthcare and education.


Whether it’s the RAIL Act, the Mental Health Improvement Act, or the Lower Your Taxes Act, Congresswoman Sykes has put forth a bi-partisan legislative agenda and an unmatched commitment to this community in order to ensure everyone in Ohio’s 13th district can live their version of the American Dream in Northeast Ohio. 


Congresswoman Sykes attended Kent State University, graduating with high honors with a B.A. in Psychology. She later attended the University of Florida, where she earned a Juris Doctor with a Certificate in Family Law and a Masters of Public Health. She is married to Kevin Boyce and values spending time with family, enjoying the arts, and appreciating the countless blessings life has offered her.

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